Being the One

Another day. Another fight. Why, why, why, can’t I just let go?  I do not want to bear the burden of being the one.  I do not want to utter those words again.  I’ve carried that burden before, being the one to have to tell another person that it’s over.  It rips your heart out … More Being the One

Time to Reflect

It has been over six years since my first divorce.  Only now am I able to revisit it.  From the beginning, I knew I would one day want to help others through the process; however, for a few years, I didn’t want to think about it.  I was tired of living, breathing divorce.  It was … More Time to Reflect

This Is Only A Test – A Sestina (Time for Poetry Challenge)

DP Challenge – Time for Poetry This Is Only A Test            You have placed upon me the burden of guilt. Like the mind of a child, you are unable to understand. Sitting in your pew, beaten up in the name of God the ordained old man regurgitating to his church how to think, what to … More This Is Only A Test – A Sestina (Time for Poetry Challenge)