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Leave no trace behind – Part 2

 Student, Teacher Weekly Writing Challenge

The original, Leave no trace behind?, was a metaphorically view in reference to children.  This post is a literal view.

I spent the last 10 days hiking in some of the most beautiful areas of Utah.  I saw arches, caves, mountain ranges, canyons, hoodoos, and Indian rock art, just to name a few.  Within the same week, I hiked in rain, hot desert sun, snow, and extreme wind whose mission was to cover every part of me in desert dirt and sand.  And I loved every minute of it.  There is something about pushing my body, achieving that goal to get to the finish line, and being really dirty that makes me feel alive!





I visit Utah once or twice a year and spend the entire time hiking. I always leave with the memories of amazing adventures and breath-taking views; however, this time in particular had more meaning. During my visit, I saw numerous petroglyphs, pictoglyphs, and pictographs.  I also saw a staggering amount of graffiti.  It left me with a feeling of sadness and a desire to protect what has lasted for centuries.

What drives someone to leave their “mark” in a particular spot? Most markings have no meaning to anyone else but that person.  Do you know A.K.  ♥  M.G?  Me neither.  I believe the desire to deface something is a combination of ego and immaturity. With the ego, one feels entitled, some how special that they must leave a part of them behind.  The ego makes one believe that they are separate from everything else, thus damaging sacred ruins means nothing personally.  Right in front of me, the boyfriend of a young couple was carving their names into a rock.  They had no thought or care to the ugliness they were leaving behind.  I wonder if he would mind if every person that passed his car in a parking lot, went up and keyed their initials in it to say, “Hey, I was here!”  Imagine a beautiful new 2014 Corvette.  Everyone stops and admires its beauty and design.  Now imagine scratches, writing, spray paint and drawings all over what was shiny new paint.  It creates a totally different picture, doesn’t it?

I understand and respect the desire to leave a piece of us behind or mark a momentous occasion, but what is really being left behind?  Defacing Mother Nature creates sadness when others see it and costs money to pay those who have to try and remove it.  Is that what was meant to be left behind?  Probably not.  There are many, many more places I want to explore and my desire is that they will still feel untouched, for me and for those after me.  I want everyone to be able to witness the history of a people long gone and the incredible formations the earth has left behind.  Take a picture and bring the memory home.  Tell someone about it.  Sharing what was witnessed is a mark not left on the earth, but left with someone else.  And who knows where that could lead…

(This post is not only for the Weekly Challenge but also part of a Guest Blogger project for Blogging 201.  A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of posting a Guest Blogger (Please check out her awesome blog!) and I am only now able to fulfill my end of the bargain!  You can find my blog here.)

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“Hot” and “Cold” photos by Chey




May I have your attention, please?

Hello all you beautiful people!

As some of you may know, I joined WP’s Blogging 201 a week ago (One more week to go!).  It has been really awesome and really difficult, all at the same time.  I am learning so much!  It has given me the much needed push into social media and in that regard, let’s just pretend this OMG is in like, 72 Font Size.  That is why I have been a bit absent as well.  I’ve also been making changes to the look of my blog (it’s so purdy!) and I have gone through a few name changes, settling on Chey Being, as you may have noticed.

Anyway, I would like to throw out my Twitter and Facebook links to anyone interested.  If you are, that’s cool.  If not, I’ll still think you’re pretty cool 😉  Thanks so much for you’re support.  I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of invisible friends!




Sharing my blog goals. Are you in?

Today is the first day of Blogging 201.  This will expand over the next two weeks; therefore, my posts will likely be solely related to the assignments.  If you did not join the group, perhaps you can tag along with me!  Our task is to layout three goals for our blog.  This part I find easy.  The part I find more difficult is that we are to be specific…like, include numbers and percentages!  Oh my!  With that aside, I am very happy to share this information with my followers, as many of you have been so kind and supportive of my journey thus far.  I think it is a wonderful idea to let you know a bit more about myself and my purpose here.  Thanks for joining me.

1.  My purpose from the beginning was to tell my story.  Why?  What makes me so special?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  I am no more special than anyone else to be honest, I just happen to be writing it down for all to see.  I enjoy writing and I think I’m pretty good at it, at times.  I do have a tale to tell that I think is interesting, but more importantly, I think it could be helpful.  My ultimate purpose in telling my story is to help others in the same situation.  Help others who have had/or are having affairs.  Help others going through divorce.  Help others who are debating divorce.  I also enjoy writing about other topics (i.e. raising children) that are thought provoking and can bring about positive changes in our lives.  To share my story and related bits, my first goal is to post 1-2 times per week.

2.  Now, if I want to help people, I need to reach them.  This will actually consist of a few goals.  I would like to double my followers on WP and Twitter by the end of June.  I would also like to add another avenue of social media such as, Facebook, Google +, or Instagram.  I am hoping to learn more about social media and its usefulness during this course.  Hopefully, it will also help me decide which one of these to pursue.  I would like to have this new media up and running by the end of May.  Lastly, I want to spend about 20 minutes, two to three times per week reading and commenting on other blogs.  I think this will help grow my following as well, plus I enjoy it!

3.  Lastly, my goal is to earn a book contract.  I have dreamed of writing a book for many years and finally, I am attempting that dream.  If it happens, fantastic.  If not, well, at least I finally tried.  I know I have reached some people and I can say I enjoyed the ride.  It would be wonderful to earn a living writing and helping others.  I honestly see myself traveling and talking in front of a large groups of people someday.  That is where I want to be within the next two years.  Lofty goal, I know, but anything is possible and I am definitely not getting any younger!  To earn such an honor, I would also like to continue with the weekly DP Challenges.  I feel these help me grow and expand as a writer.  They are super fun, too!  It is a nice break to write about other topics for a change.  Reading and engaging with the many people that I follow also helps me grow as a writer and provides some great ideas.  They are writing so many beautiful things, it is hard to keep up, but I am trying!

Can I add a #4?  Well, I am a rebel at heart and have been accused of being an over-achiever more than once.  My #4 is that I would like to change the name of my blog.  It is boring and meaningless.  Problem is, I don’t know what to change it to!  I want to be a writer and I can’t come up with a name?!?  That’s kind of sad!  So my last and final goal is to come up with a kick-ass blog name by the end of April.  Wish me luck!