Sharing Stories

I am very happy to present below, a guest blogger!  Dear Claire has been very generous in sharing her story and allowing me to post it here on my blog.  Please be sure to check out her beautiful blog where she is “Saving the planet, one green tip at a time.”    I have had … More Sharing Stories

What’s in a name?

Someone on Twitter recently asked if a name change was in order after a divorce.  I quickly gave my response, but it prompted me to think about how my views on this subject have changed so much though out the years. I was 21 when I first married.  I, of course, changed my name immediately. … More What’s in a name?

Time to Reflect

It has been over six years since my first divorce.  Only now am I able to revisit it.  From the beginning, I knew I would one day want to help others through the process; however, for a few years, I didn’t want to think about it.  I was tired of living, breathing divorce.  It was … More Time to Reflect

Pet Peeve – Divorced parents who can’t get along!

As I contemplate the thought of another divorce (sadly, I do say that with a tinge of embarrassment, like I am somehow a bad person…but that’s another post), I worry about how my husband will treat me and my children if we are no longer together. I worry because my first husband (my decision to … More Pet Peeve – Divorced parents who can’t get along!