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For my untempered heart


Forever here.

The current Weekly Challenge is song writing or re-writing of an existing song.   So here’s my version of Shelter From the Storm by Bob Dylan.

Starring so long in shadows with my now sightless eyes
What became of me is now hidden in the mountain of lies
Twisted and contorted wrapped within my fear
“Don’t be scared,” he said, “I will wait for you forever here”

I walk between two lines my soul seeming divided
Shamed and bloody with this mask I hide it
What have I done for they are all that is dear
“Don’t be scared,” he said, “I will wait for you forever here”

I close my eyes and wait for the guiding light
It never never comes, it grows weary of my plight
Spitting what is worse I can not look in the mirror
“Don’t be scared,” he said, “I will wait for you forever here”

I made a lost wish on a dream of a glowing star
Walking aimless away, I could never go that far
Forgotten my wish, nothing left but black fear
“Don’t be scared,” he said, “I will wait for you forever here”

Inhaling and exhaling the breeze brushing through my hair
Quiet soft moments often linger with a pleasing dare
Always a coward of sorts, I can only sit and leer
“Don’t be scared,” he said, “I will wait for you forever here”

The star long forgotten, my wish knocked at my door
She loved me like angels and lifted me from the floor
With nothing left to spare she would finally appear
“Don’t be scared,” he said, “I will wait for you forever here”

As deserving as Mary I was hopeless and scared to see
Born with a sacred gift and yet feeling no love for me
But for rivers and streams, I could be all you hold dear
“Don’t be scared,” he said, “I will wait for you forever here”

No matter now I walk the winding trail happily alone
The stars shine bright and guide me down the path shown
A gladiator from long ago I walk with only my bloody spear
“Don’t be scared,” he said, “I will wait for you forever here”

I want all you forgotten, I want to begin with a clean slate
Suffering was swept out to sea with all who came to hate
They are now lost to me but I dare not shed a tear
“Don’t be scared,” he said, “I will wait for you forever here”

Nothing seems real when my happiness flows with the tides
I am revived in this long journey but still wait to die
Show me my love the path once more, I know you are near
“Don’t be scared,” he said, “I will wait for you forever here”


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The Rush

A complex simple presence

Liquidness becomes me

Red rushes as the river

Drawn within its promise

Sucked beneath its depths

Breathless forgotten

Void of care

Sanity beseeches the air

Light and mercy and reason appear

~ Chey


This Is Only A Test – A Sestina (Time for Poetry Challenge)

DP Challenge – Time for Poetry

This Is Only A Test           

You have placed upon me the burden of guilt.

Like the mind of a child, you are unable to understand.

Sitting in your pew, beaten up in the name of God

the ordained old man regurgitating to his church

how to think, what to think.  Pulling

at your minds and hearts until you offer release.


As the sinner, I have begged for release

from your prison cell with bars made from guilt.

A bird on a tether is the image pulling

at my plight.  My words, clear to understand

bounce off you, unforgiving as the walls of your church.

Poisoned.  I do not believe in your God.


You preach of love and forgiveness.  God

you say, has sent his messenger to release

us of our sins.  Your sin practiced in your church.

Painted upon my chest.  You beat me with your guilt

like the messenger before those that did not understand.

I run, I wait for the gust, only to feel the pulling.


You say you love me.  The name of love is pulling

at my tether.  Vows can not be broken, so sayeth God

so sayeth you.  How do I make you understand?

Imprisoned.  Suffocating.  The scream needing release

or we will surely die together.  Playing your card of guilt

you do not care.  This is what you learn from your church?


Your mind is like the annual, watered by that church.

One purpose?  One way?  One life?  Something else is pulling

at me, always pulling…always pulling.  My soul, your guilt

both placed inside me.  One by my God, one by your God.

I let the bitterness of guilt rest on my tongue. I choose to release

all you and your kind brewed upon me.  Do you understand?


My words, my sadness, my sickness, simple to understand.

Clear for all to see, but you are blinded by your church.

Blinded by your short sightedness. If you should release

me, what would happen?  What do you fear?  Is your pulling

out of fear, out of commitment, ordered by your God?

What would be left if you dropped your arrows of guilt?


Guilt is your poison, I will no longer inject.  Understand

I believe in a God, the same as you and your church.

The same God that instills the Pulling, the same God that gives my Release.


Google definition of a Sestina:

noun: sestina; plural noun: sestinas

  1. 1.
    a poem with six stanzas of six lines and a final triplet, all stanzas having the same six words at the line-ends in six different sequences that follow a fixed pattern, and with all six words appearing in the closing three-line envoi.

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